EP 1 – Welcome & Let’s Talk an Adult Diagnosis with T1D

Episode 001 - Welcome & Let's Talk An Adult Diagnosis with Type One Diabetes

Hi! My name is Lissie Poyner. Type one diabetic, Integrative Health Coach and founder of Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness. At the age of 19 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with T1D and to be frank, I was exhausted with how much my care was sugarcoated (excuse the pun).

So here we are. Let’s get this thing started! Welcome to Keeping it 100 Radio. This podcast was created in collaboration with Skin Grip (my favorite patch company) to give you the real & raw conversations around type one diabetes. We know there’s a lot left uncovered in our doctor’s office and we’re here to fill that gap. In this podcast you’ll hear personal experiences from me, strategies from all of the experts I know, and everything you need to help you create an empowered life with diabetes.

Here’s what’s inside today’s episode:
– Who I am and what we do around here
– College life and a diagnosis of type one diabetes
– How my family’s reaction impacted my experience around my diagnosis
– Life after college and a second diagnosis
– How I shifted to a holistic approach and how transformed everything

– Check out Skin Grip at skingrip.com and use the code “LISSIE” at check out!
– Learn more about Keeping it 100 HERE

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