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Keeping It 100 Radio:
Uncensored Diabetes Conversations

By Elisabeth Poyner

Want to cut the fluff and get to the real and raw conversations around diabetes management? Welcome to Keeping it 100 Radio: Uncensored Diabetes Conversations.

Type one diabetes is HARD. Join Lissie Poyner, Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and NLP Practitioner for T1D’s like you. This podcast is your container for Lissie’s best trainings, lessons and conversations so you can create more predictability in your diabetes management and feel empowered while doing it. Let’s dive in.

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EP 48: T1D Tips with Jessica Hrdlicka: Master Your Baselines for Better Blood Sugar Management

What’s the most important area to master in your diabetes management before all else? You guessed it, your baselines. While there’s such an emphasis on lifestyle, diet and exercise on blood sugars, the easiest area to overlook in having trust, ownership and predictability in your management is understanding how to test, assess and adjust your…

EP 47: Four Steps to ACTUALLY Lower Your A1C with Type One Diabetes

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your quarterly endocrinologist appointment.. Working to lower your A1C is hard – and what makes it even harder is feeling like we have to do all of the things at once just to see a difference in our blood sugars.

EP 42: Ethical Coaching in the Diabetes Community

You’ve heard it before. There is lots of conversation in the diabetes space around coaching and in this podcast episode, we’re talking about it. This episode is for you whether you’ve been thinking of becoming a coach in diabetes care or you’re wondering what to look out for when searching for your own coach. 


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