EP 2 – What I THOUGHT Would Help Lower My A1C vs What Actually Did

Episode 002 - What I Thought Would Help Lower My A1C VS What Actually Did..

Let’s face it, there is a lottt of misinformation, advice and poor strategy that floats its way through the internet. While intentions may be good – its effects are not. So it’s up to us to filter what is beneficial for our bodies, mind and spirit – and what is not so beneficial. In this episode, I take you through the past seven years since my diagnosis and what I THOUGHT would help me control my blood sugars and lower my A1C and what ACTUALLY helped, without leaving me feeling restricted.

Here’s what’s inside today’s episode:
– Clearing up the confusion between what diets and strategies are more likely to leave us feeling restricted and resentful.
– #1: The first thing I was told – restrict carbs. Why this didn’t serve me and how looking at the bigger picture of pairing my foods strategically helped more.
– #2: Why the detoxes, cleanses and resets are just short term solutions to blood sugar management and what you can look to instead.
– #3: The “pre-bolusing strategy” just isn’t it.
– #4: We’re in an age where relying on your endo as your only means of support will only hold you back in your management.
– #5: There will be times when exercise won’t actually benefit you, despite what we’re told. What to look to instead.
– #6: Why we’re told to avoid variability with this diagnosis and why it doesn’t work.

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– Learn more about Keeping it 100 HERE


  • ⏰ (1:08): Welcome back! Today we’re clearing up some confusion
  • ⏰ (4:24): What I thought would help me control my blood sugars: avoid carbs
  • ⏰ (10:00): Detoxes, Cleanses and Resets = no.
  • ⏰ (11:42): Working WITH your hormones makes all the difference
  • ⏰ (14:34): #3 – pre-bolusing isn’t always the answer
  • ⏰ (17:57): #4 – simply relying on your endo.
  • ⏰ (19:41): You can assess your own baselines and make changes on your own!
  • ⏰ (20:08): #5 Exercising everyday is no bueno
  • ⏰ (23:39): Reduce. Your. Stress.
  • ⏰ (25:16): Avoid variability (yeah right).
  • ⏰ (28:35): Outro

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